Fixing Text Size

Do you have a dashboard where the text looks much too small or large when it's on a full-screen display? The good news is that it's a fairly easy problem to fix by resizing all of your widgets.

Let's start with this example dashboard where the text is too small to read:

As you probably know, when you're not editing a dashboard, Dash resizes the whole thing to fit whatever space there is. It doesn't matter if you make your dashboard widgets really big or really small, it's going to grow or shrink your dashboard to fill the screen.

There is a side effect to all of this resizing, however, and that's text size. If your widgets are really big, there's going to be room to show a lot of text, of course. And, when we shrink your huge dashboard to fit the screen, all of that text is going to be really small.

Conversely, if your widgets are really small, there's not going to be room for much text at all. And, when that small dashboard is zoomed to fit the screen, your text is going to be huge.

The solution? If you keep your dashboard in the same general layout but change the size of your widgets, things will look much better.

Let's take a look at our dashboard in edit mode:

Obviously this is an exaggerated example to make our point, but these widgets are BIG. Let's shrink them all down, but keep everything in the same general shape. Here's what it looks like when we're done:

So, what does it look like full-screen? The text is much larger.

Here's the original version again for comparison:

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