Fixing Empty Space on the Edges

The Problem

When you send your dashboard to full-screen, you may see empty space on the right and left sides:

Or, sometimes you see empty space on the top and bottom:

This happens when your dashboard widgets are arranged in a different shape than your display. Don't worry, it's not a hard problem to fix.

The Solution

Many people assume that they need to add more content to fill in the space. It's not about adding more widgets, though, it's about rearranging what you already have. Let's start again with the dashboard that has blank space on the right and left.

Here's what it looks like when we're editing it:

As you probably know, you can make dashboards of any size or shape with Dash. They can be as tall, short, wide, narrow, big, or small as you want.

Whenever you view a dashboard full-screen, we automatically grow or shrink everything to best fit on whatever screen you're using. If your dashboard widgets are arranged in a different shape than your screen, though, we'll add extra room on the edges. That's what's causing the blank space you see.

The solution is rearrange your widgets into the same shape as your display.

So, let's move and resize our widgets. Notice how we made the weather widget a little smaller and the Twitter widget a little wider so that everything fits together in the same general shape of the display. Remember, Dash is going to zoom or shrink your dashboard to fill the screen when we're done, so you can make your dashboard as big or as small as you want.

Here's what it now looks like full-screen. Much better.

Getting the Perfect Fit

It can be tricky to arrange your dashboard widgets in the perfect shape. We've had great luck with putting a full-screen dashboard on the external display and then editing that same dashboard on another computer in the same room. As you're dragging and resizing things, you'll be able to see your changes immediately on the big display and quickly tweak things to just how you want them.

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