Managing Your Organization

To manage your organization, first click the account button in the upper right corner.

This takes you to your personal account page. We want to manage our organization, though, so let's click on the organization name in the upper left corner.


We're now on the organization's About tab. Here you can set your organization name, your avatar, etc.


Teams in Dash make it easier to manage dashboard permissions. For example, you can create a team called "Software Developers" and then easily give all software developers the ability to view a specific dashboard.


On the members page you can quickly see every person who is a member of your organization and using a license. You can also quickly invite people to your organization by typing their email in the add box at the top.


Your organization's owners have full permission to do anything with your organization including managing users, managing dashboards, and changing billing information.


Here you can change payment frequency, update your credit card, and add/remove licenses.

Payment History

The payment history screen gives you an overview of all the payments you've made for your organization.

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