Custom Leaderboard Widget


The Custom Leaderboard widget shows data from a spreadsheet, sorted by the column on the right. When you update your data, the leaderboard will resort the rows with an animation.

Getting Data into Dash

There are two different ways to get data into Dash. The easiest way is for us to fetch it from a URL that you specify. Right now we grab new data for leaderboard widgets every 30 seconds, but we may decide to change this later.

If you have a Pro or Business account, you also have the option of pushing your data to us. This requires a little more work to set up, but it also means your updates will show up instantly.

The data you provide needs to be in CSV format (details below).

Creating and Publishing the CSV File

First, open a spreadsheet app like Excel or Numbers and type in the data you want to show up in your widget. The first row will be used as your column headers.

Next, you want to save this data as CSV. Depending on what spreadsheet program you're using, this is usually as simple as either clicking "File > Save As..." or "File > Export...", and then selecting CSV.

That's it, you've created a CSV file with your data!

If you want, you can open your CSV file in a text editor to see what's inside. Notice the titles in the first row, and that there are commas separating the numbers (rather than semicolons).
Albino Leopard,Cat,5633
Mahi Mahi,Fish,965

The next step is to get this CSV data into Dash. We recommend that beginners fetch data from a URL, but pushing your data to us works great too.

Number of Columns

Your data can either be two or three columns. We'll determine the number of columns you have automatically.


We sort your data by the column on the far right. On the widget configuration screen you can choose to sort with either the highest or lowest numbers on top.

Maximum Data Size

We cap the size of the data you're showing in your leaderboard at 25kb.


If you have any suggestions about how we can make the Custom Leaderboard widget better, be sure to let us know!

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