Custom Table Widget


The Custom Table widget shows data from a spreadsheet.

Creating and Publishing the CSV File

First, open a spreadsheet app like Excel or Numbers and type in the data you want to show up in your widget.

Next, you want to save this data as CSV. Depending on what spreadsheet program you're using, this is usually as simple as either clicking "File > Save As..." or "File > Export...", and then selecting CSV.

Now you need to get your CSV file to the internet so that Dash can see it. If you've got a web server, by all means, use that! For most people, though, Dropbox is a great solution. Just move your file to your dropbox folder, right click, and select "Share Dropbox Link".

That copies a link to the file that Dash can see, so then you just have to paste that link into the widget's Data URL box.

You're done!

Maximum Data Size

We cap the size of the data you're showing in your table at 5kb.

Update Frequency

We grab new data from your URL every 30 seconds. (We may decide to change this later.)


If you have any suggestions about how we can make the Custom Table widget better, be sure to let us know!

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